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Continuining Education & Training

The Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services integrates research, education and training to advance the delivery of services to children and families. We work with agency and community partners to promote a child serving system that protects children, respects families, and builds community capacity to address emerging needs.

Based at the PSU School of Social Work, our long history of involvement with public child welfare provides an advantage in terms of knowledge of agency-based research, familiarity with practice trends, and a network of local and national relationships for research and training.


The Child Welfare Partnership’s team of professional trainers offers all training for incoming public child welfare staff, as well as advanced and supervisory training and for caregivers (foster, adopt, and relative parents).  For more information about these programs, go to the Child Welfare Partnership programs.

The Center’s training programs expand the Partnership’s reach to other instructional topics and communities.  These training programs include grant-funded projects and contracts with specific agencies and initiatives. 


Check back soon for a list of current projects!

Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services

Portland Office

  • Main phone line: (503) 725-8010.
  • FAX: (503) 725-8030
  • Street Address: University Center Building, 520 SW Harrison Street, Suite 440, Portland, OR 97201
  • Mailing Address: Center for Improvement of Child and Family Services, Portland State University, PO Box 751, Portland OR 97207-0751

Salem Center Office

  • Main phone line: (503) 399-5262
  • FAX: (503) 399-6439
  • Address: PSU Salem Center, 4061 Winema Place, Salem OR 97305


To reach individual staff at faculty at the Center, you can contact them directly by telephone or by email. See Faculty & Staff.



Additional continuing education and training is also conducted at the:

Regional Research Institute for Human Services (RRI)

RRI conducts research and evaluation with the goal of improving peoples’ lives, human services, supports, and policies. Nationally recognized for its innovative practices related to the inclusion of family members, youth and adult consumers in all levels of human service planning, design, implementation, and evaluation, RRI has provided evaluation and research services since 1972.