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Host a Social Work Student

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The School of Social Work recognizes the need for field placements that provide opportunities for students to be exposed to a range of roles and skills, client populations, service delivery models, community resources and the development of social work competencies. The following information can help organizations determine if they are a good fit for hosting a social work student for their field placement. 

Overview of Placement Requirements

  • 16 hours/week, starting in late September and ending in early June (500 hours total).
  • 1 hour of supervision/week with qualified Field Instructor (see qualifications below).
  • Quarterly student Field Evaluations.
  • End of term site visits with the Student, Field Liaison, and Field Instructor (Task Supervisor, if applicable).

Qualifications for Field Agencies

Agencies will:

  • Respond to the needs of the community and consistently accept the purposes, values, ethics and methods of social work.
  • Adhere to PSU's policy that prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of a protected class.
  • Provide a qualified Field Instructor who is committed to social work education and professional training.
  • Assure that the Field Instructor and/or Task Supervisor has sufficient time and resources within their work schedule.
  • Accept students as developing social workers and will not use them to meet staffing needs nor withhold appropriate assignments because of student status.
  • Provide an internship opportunity that aligns with the student's generalist or advanced curriculum.
  • Review additional Agency Responsibilities and Qualifications.

Who Supervises the Social Work Student?

  • An approved BSW or MSW Field Instructor provides weekly, educational supervision.
  • MSW Field Instructors are required to have an MSW and two (2) years post degree experience.
  • BSW Field Instructors are required to have a BSW and two (2) years post degree experience.

Social Work Field Instructor

  • Assist students in understanding the breadth of social work practice and developing core social work competencies.  
  • Provide at least one hour/week of field instruction supervision (group supervision may substitute for up to 50% of the supervision).
  • Are typically employed by the agency where the student is placed, though some Field Instructors provide off-site supervision for students placed in agencies that do not have a social worker.
  •  Read more about the Field Instructor Roles and Responsibilities.

Task Supervisor

  • An individual embedded in the agency or program who provides support to the student on a daily basis when the field instructor is not available.
  • Orient the student to the agency and program.
  • Collaborate with the Student and Field Instructor.
  • Read more about the Task Supervision Model