About the School of Social Work

Our students address the problems and issues that affect our community at its core: homelessness, addictions, mental illness, child abuse and neglect, unemployment, disability, illness, poverty, aging, isolation, discrimination and oppression, and more.

Welcome to the PSU School of Social Work

The School of Social Work has been a critical partner with Oregon communities for over fifty years.  Our school is the only graduate social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education in the State of Oregon.  Additionally, our undergraduate programs include the popular Child and Family Studies program, preparing students for careers in human services, education, criminal justice, and special education - and the Bachelors in Social Work Program, recently accredited with CSWE and offering the only undergraduate social work degree in a public institution in Oregon. 

Students in our programs are diverse, representing a spectrum of cultures, and life experiences. That range of differences enriches the classroom as well as creates a learning community where we grow and learn in an intellectually stimulating and culturally responsive environment.  Through our Field Education Program, students have the opportunity to work directly with community field partners, getting on the ground experience and offering countless hours of capacity to the non-profit organizations.

In addition to our academic programs, we have a robust research and continuing education engine in the School of Social Work including:

Our Mission

The SSW is committed to the enhancement of the individual and society. Further values and beliefs include a dedication to social change and to the attainment of social justice for all peoples, the eradication of poverty, the empowerment of oppressed peoples, the right of all individuals and groups to determine their own destinies, and the opportunity to live in harmony and cooperation. While the School maintains a special commitment to these values, it recognizes the need for joining with others in society who are working toward this same purpose.