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Typical 2-year program

Typical 2-year program

Undergraduate students typically take the majority of their general education requirements in their first two years. Students should take the SPHR 262 (Voice & Diction) class in their sophomore year. The remaining 14 courses required for the major can be taken during the junior and senior years. Below is a sample course load, which includes all of the courses required for the major in SPHR:

Year 1 (Sophomore Year)

Fall, Winter, or Spring term

  • SPHR 262 Voice & Diction (Pre-Req: None)

Year 2 (Junior Year)

Fall term

  • SPHR 371: Anatomy & Physiology for Speech and Swallowing (Pre-Req: None)
  • SPHR 372: Speech & Language Development in Children (Pre-Req: None)

Winter term

  • SPHR 380: Language Disorders in Children (Pre-Req: SPHR 372)

Spring term

  • SPHR 370: Phonetics & Acoustics (Pre-Req: None)
  • SPHR 495: Organic Communication Disorders (Pre-Req: SPHR 372 & 461)