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Typical 1-year Post-Baccalaureate program

Below is an example of a preferred one-year plan for Post-Baccalaureate students interested in completing pre-requisites for entering graduate school. While the following sequence of courses is usual, some courses can be taken in a different sequence (but note pre-requisite requirements of certain courses). This plan is not for those seeking a 2nd Bachelor's degree.


SPHR 371 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Swallowing
SPHR 372U Speech and Language Development in Children
SPHR 487 Hearing Sciences
SPHR 461 Neurology of Speech and Hearing (also offered in Winter and Summer)


SPHR 370 Phonetics and Acoustics
SPHR 380 Language Disorders in Children (pre-req: SPHR 372)
SPHR 488 Clinical Audiology (pre-req or co-req: SPHR 487)


SPHR 464 Speech Disorders in Children (pre-req: SPHR 370, SPHR 372)
SPHR 495 Organic Communication Disorders (recommended pre-req: SPHR 371, SPHR 461)
SPHR 496 Introduction to Clinical Management (pre-req: SPHR 371, SPHR 372)
SPHR 489 Aural Rehabilitation (also offered in Summer) (recommended pre-req: SPHR 487, SPHR 488)

Summer (jump-start your program and start in Summer!)

SPHR 461 Neurology of Speech and Hearing (if not taken other terms)
SPHR 489 Aural Rehabilitation (if not taken other terms)