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A thesis involves the completion of a research project that addresses an empirical question.  A thesis may involve any of a number of research methods (e.g., group design, single subject design, ethnography) that will best answer the research question posed.  Students may choose an independent line of research or choose to work with a faculty member on an existing project, if the faculty member agrees.  Each thesis must conform to all rules and requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies, which include but are not limited to a) completing appropriate forms, b) conducting both a thesis prospectus meeting as well as an oral defense, and c) submitting the completed thesis to the Office of Graduate Studies by assigned dates.

The thesis option is by invitation only. A student who is invited to complete a thesis will identify a thesis committee which includes a director and at least two other committee members.  The director must be a regular Ph.D. faculty member in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences.  One of the remaining two committee members must also be a faculty member in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences.  The third must be a PSU faculty member outside of the Department who is appointed by the Office of Graduate Studies. In addition, students may request the participation of other qualified individuals from within or outside of PSU.

Registration for Thesis

Students must register for SPHR 503 Thesis during the terms in which they work on their thesis, and for at least one credit of SPHR 503 Thesis during the term in which they complete their oral examination.  The number of credits for which a student registers during a given term will be determined by the thesis director.  Students pursuing the thesis option are required to register for a total of 6 to 9 credit hours.


Thesis Guidelines

Office of Graduate Studies