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Strategic Plan

The Speech & Hearing Sciences Department's 5-year strategic plan demonstrates our commitment to stronger educational offerings, enhancing clinical offerings, and increasing our research agendas.  Objectives include:

1. Determine space needs for the relocation of the department scheduled for 2018.

2. Enhance undergraduate and post-baccalaureate program through:

  • course content revisions to reflect advances in the discipline;
  • improvements in undergraduate course sequencing to maximize student learning; 
  • development of an introductory course for lower-division students that serves as a foundation for the SPHR undergraduate degree and discipline;
  • revisions to the undergraduate major to prepare students for careers and advanced degrees outside of speech-language pathology and audiology; and
  • increasing clinical and research opportunities for undergraduate students.

3. Increase the quantity and quality of research and scholarship in the department through:

  • support and encouragement for faculty to pursue of external funding; 
  • mentorship of tenure track faculty; 
  • exploration of additional graduate student research funding; and
  • development of a timeline for a potential Ph.D. program.

4. Systematize coordination of classes, research, and clinic at the graduate level.

5. Build stronger community and alumni relations

6. Advocate for program at university, local, community and state levels

7. Explore the development of a medical speech-language pathology concentration.