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Special Project

A special project may take a variety of forms. For example, it could address an empirical question and report findings in the form of a journal article, it could be an original tutorial or review article that addresses a topic of interest to the field, or it could involve the development of an item such as a clinical assessment tool, an educational curriculum or a training video. Each special project must be a scholarly endeavor approved by an SPHR faculty member that is completed at a level appropriate for the master’s degree.

Each special project will expand the student’s understanding of some aspect of speech and hearing sciences beyond what is covered in core coursework. The formatting and style of the project will depend upon the nature of the special project

Faculty will inform students of potential special project opportunities available and the framework those projects will take.  Interested students will directly contact that faculty member about the potential special project to determine their suitability, the project director's expectations and timeline.  Students may work in small groups on approved Special Projects -- talk with your Project Director. 


Registration for Special Project:

Students should register for SPHR 506 Special Project with their Project Director during the terms in which they work on their projects. The number of credits for which a student registers during a given term will be determined by the Project Director. The student must register for at least one credit of SPHR 506 Special Project during the term in which they complete and present their final project. Students pursuing the special project option are required to register for a total of at least 3 credit hours.

Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC)

If you will be including any research with human participants in your special project, you must obtain approval for your research before conducting any part of the project in order to ensure ethical research practices. Approval is granted by the HSRRC. Your Project Director and the SPHR Department Chair must approve and sign the proposal cover sheet before submitting it to the HSRRC. Review may take between 2-6 weeks, so please plan ahead.