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Spanish-English Bilingual Podcasts for the SLP

Click on the links below to hear podcasts created by PSU graduate students in the bilingual concentration. Learn important Spanish vocabulary on topics related to Speech Language Pathology. Stay tuned as new topics will be added each year.

10 Critical Questions for Evaluation of Bilingual Children

  • We know that parent interviews are crucial in the process of identify language disorder in children. Utilizing the research of Dr. Cate Crowley from Teachers College of Columbia University, Hollis and Tracy practice Dr. Crowley's 10 critical parent interview questions in Spanish, and some of the answers a parent might give!

Skilled Nursing Facility, Post Stroke Meeting

  • A discussion about aphasia after a family's loved one has had a stroke involves many field-specific terms. Hollis and Tracy offer you a chance to practice some of this terminology that one may use to discuss how language use changes as a result of a stroke, and what a family can do to support their loved one as they recover. This Spanish terminology may be useful in a variety of settings, including a skilled nursing facility (SNF)!

Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Evaluation

  • Feeding and swallowing evaluations can be tricky in Spanish or English, given the specific vocabulary this specialty uses. In this podcast, Hollis and Tracy go through a feeding and swallowing evaluation in Spanish, and introduce some of the unique words you might use in this setting! 

Dysphagia Diets

  • Hone your skills as a bilingual speech-language pathologist working with diet modifications for patients with dysphagia. Have you ever wanted to describe the different levels of modified diets to your patients and their caregivers? It can be a challenging subject given the amount of specific vocabulary involved. In this podcast, Bri and Joseph offer vocabulary lists and practice opportunities, as well as a chance to listen to them roll play a discussion of a variety of diet textures. Feel free to practice along with them and join the discussion!

Swallow Strategies and Exercises

  • Continuing in our mini-series around dysphagia, Bri and Joseph discuss a few exercises (Masako, Shaker, Mendelsohn) as well as strategies (chin tuck, head rotation, super-supraglottic swallow) designed to increase the safety and efficiency with which your patients swallow food and liquid. Specific vocabulary is presented and scripts are provided to help you describe these exercises and maneuvers to your patients and their caregivers.

Oral Motor Examination

  • There is a lot to cover in an oral motor exam. In this podcast, Bri and Joseph offer you a chance to practice using the vernacular commonly found in many versions of this type of evaluation. Listen and learn to ask your patients to do such things as "stick out your tongue", "pucker your lips", and "puff out your cheeks"... in Spanish!