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Prerequisite Requirements

Candidates for the master's degree graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology must have a background of undergraduate course credit in speech and hearing sciences and related disciplines. These prerequisites can be met by completing an undergraduate degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences at PSU or elsewhere. Individuals with a bachelor's degree in other disciplines may complete required pre-requisite courses by enrolling in the Speech & Hearing Sciences Post-Baccalaureate program. All prerequisites must be completed within 5 years of beginning the graduate program. 

Candidates may apply to the master's program while in the process of completing their bachelor's degree or post-baccalaureate coursework. Please note that completion of the pre-requisite coursework does not guarantee admission into the graduate program. 

Prerequisite course requirements prior to starting the master's program:

Prerequisite Courses 


PSU Course # 




SPHR 370

Phonetics & Acoustics 

A phonetics course that included phonetic transcription


SPHR 371

Anatomy and Physiology

Any speech/hearing anatomy & physiology course (sometimes with neurology as well)


SPHR 372

Speech & Language Development

Course covering typical language development – sometimes taught in Linguistics


SPHR 461

Neurology of Speech & Hearing



SPHR 380

Language Disorders in Children

Sometimes in a course on development and disorders

Strongly Recommended

SPHR 464

Speech Disorders in Children

Speech (phonological, articulatory) development and disorders

Strongly Recommended

SPHR 487

Hearing Sciences (Audiology 101, Hearing Science)

Typically called hearing science. Sometimes combined with audiology.


SPHR 488

Clinical Audiology (Advanced Hearing Science)

Sometimes combined with hearing science


SPHR 489

Aural Rehabilitation

Might be combined with audiology (but not usually)


SPHR 495

Organic Communication Disorders (Neurogenic Communication Disorders)

Sometimes covered in an introductory course or in combination with neurology.  Also called acquired disorders

Strongly Recommended

SPHR 496

Introduction to Clinical Management 

Introduction to Assessment & Intervention

Strongly Recommended

MTH 243/244

or SOC 399


Descriptive and inferential statistics