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Postbaccalaureate Program


  • Students who have a degree in an area other than Speech and Hearing Sciences can take the prerequisite requirements as a post-baccalaureate student.  Portland State University is on the quarter system and the prerequisite courses can be completed in one academic year (Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters) if taken as a full-time post-baccalaureate student.
  • Students also have the option to earn a second Bachelor’s degree (postbaccalaureate degree) by taking course required within the undergraduate major in SPHR. Students can apply to the two-year graduate program while they are in the process of completing the prerequisite coursework.  The prerequisites can also be completed part-time over two years or more. Students who complete the prerequisite coursework at PSU can apply to any accredited Speech and Hearing Sciences graduate program in the country in speech-language pathology or audiology.
  • Postbac students whose first bachelor's is from PSU must complete at least 36 credits as a PB in order to earn another bachelor's degree.  Postbac students whose first bachelor's is from a non-PSU institution have to complete at least 45 credits as a PB in order to earn another bachelor's degree.
  • Please note that some of the following courses say "strongly recommended". While they might not currently be required for entry into our graduate program, other graduate programs may require them. Also, in order to increase the competitiveness of your graduate school application, please consider taking these courses as part of your postbac program.


Prerequisite course requirements for admission to the master's program (non-degree track):

Table refers to course comparisons from other programs

Prerequisite Courses       
PSU Course #  PSU Course Title Equivalents  Required?
SPHR 370 Phonetics & Acoustics (could be Speech Science)  A phonetics course that included phonetic transcription  Yes
SPHR 371 Anatomy and Physiology  Any speech/hearing anatomy & physiology course (sometimes with neurology as well)  Yes
SPHR 372 Speech & Language Development Course covering typical language development – sometimes taught in Linguistics Yes
SPHR 461 Neurology of Speech & Hearing Neuro-anatomy Yes
SPHR 380 Language Disorders in Children Sometimes in a course on development and disorders Strongly Reccomended
SPHR 464 Speech Disorders in Children Speech (phonological, articulatory) development and disorders Strongly Reccomended
SPHR 487 Hearing Sciences Typically called hearing science. Sometimes combined with audiology. Yes
SPHR 488 Clinical Audiology Sometimes combined with hearing science Yes
SPHR 489 Aural Rehabilitation Might be combined with audiology (but not usually) Yes
SPHR 495 Organic Communication Disorders (Neurogenic Communication Disorders) Sometimes covered in an introductory course or in combination with neurology.  Also called acquired disorders Strongly Reccomended
SPHR 496 Introduction to Clinical Management  Introduction to Assessment & Intervention Strongly Reccomended
MTH 243 Intro to Probability & Statistics Descriptive statistics (some courses combine both statistics’ topics) Can be taken Pass/No Pass Yes
MTH 244 Intro to Probability & Statistics (2) Inferential statistics (some courses combine both statistics’ topics). Can be taken Pass/No Pass Yes


Typical one year program

Below are sample course loads, which includes all of the courses required to meet the prerequisites in SPHR:

Fall term

  • SPHR 371: Anatomy & Physiology for Speech and Swallowing (Pre-Req: None)
  • SPHR 372: Speech & Language Development in Children (Pre-Req: None)
  • SPHR 487: Basic Audiology (Pre-Req: None) 

Winter term

  • SPHR 370: Phonetics & Acoustics (Pre-Req: None)
  • SPHR 380: Language Disorders in Children (Pre-Req: SPHR 372)
  • SPHR 488: Advanced Audiology (Pre-Req: SPHR 487)
  • SPHR 461: Neurology of Speech & Hearing (Pre-Req: None)*

Spring term

  • SPHR 464: Speech Disorders in Children (Pre-Req: SPHR 370 & 372)
  • SPHR 489: Aural Rehabilitation (Pre-Req: SPHR 488)
  • STATS course               


  • SPHR 461: Neurology of Speech & Hearing (Pre-Req: None)*


*Course may be taken Winter or Summer term course as needed