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Master of Arts vs. Master of Science

The Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences has two options for master degrees:  Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Sciences (MS).  Both degree programs place similar emphasis on departmental coursework.  The MA degree requires proficiency in one or more second languages; the MS degree has no second language requirement. 

Proficiency of a second language for the MA degree requirement is determined by the Department of Foreign Languages.  They base this decision on successful completion of one of the following: 

1. 203 or equivalent in a PSU foreign language course within the past 4 years;

2. an oral proficiency interview;

3. an intensive language study course;

4. a written language exam.

A student whose first language is not English will likely meet the requirements for the MA degree. Application for the MA degree must be made prior to the last term of graduate school. To learn more about the MA degree option, please talk to the Graduate Adviser.