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Degree Requirements

University master’s degree requirements are listed in the PSU Bulletin

SPHR Course Planning Guide 

Specific departmental requirements are as follows:

1.  Students must complete three consecutive terms of full-time study during their first year in the graduate program.

2.   Students must meet the academic and practicum requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

3.  Students must complete the following core courses:

SPHR 540 – Multicultural Topics in Communication Disorders
SPHR 509 - PSU Clinic Practicum (3 terms)
SPHR 509 - Externship (2 terms) & Specialty Clinic (2 terms)
SPHR 553 - Counseling in Communication Disorders
SPHR 554 – Advanced Speech Sound Disorders: Theories and Application
SPHR 559 - Augmentative & Alternative Communication
SPHR 560 - Research Methods in Speech-Language Pathology
SPHR 563 - Adult Language Disorders
SPHR 565 - Dysphagia
SPHR 566 - Motor Speech Disorders
SPHR 570 - Audiometric Practicum
SPHR 581 - Stuttering
SPHR 582 - Voice Disorders
SPHR 530 - Clinical Management
SPHR 584 - Assessment and Treatment of Language Disorders: Birth to Age 5
SPHR 585 - Assessment and Treatment of Language Disorders in School Age Children and Adolescents

A grade of B- or above must be obtained for each core course.

4.  Courses in Statistics: STAT 243 and 244 or their equivalent are required.  The statistics courses do not count toward the minimum credits for the master’s degree and can be taken prior to entry into the graduate program.  The statistics requirement cannot be satisfied by completing SPHR 560.

5.  Clinical Practicum.  Students must complete a minimum of 400 clock hours of supervised clinical experience in the practice of speech-language pathology.  These include 25 hours of observation.  A minimum of 50 clock hours of clinical practicum must be completed in speech and language clinics at Portland State University.  These 50 hours can be accrued through enrollment in SPHR 509 PSU Clinical Practicum.  The remaining clock hours can be obtained through various off-campus placements.  In order to receive credit for clinical hours completed in a clinical course, the student must obtain a grade of B- or above in the course.

6.  Culminating Experience. Each student in the Speech and Hearing Sciences master’s degree program is required to complete a culminating experience.