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Conditional Status

Students are admitted to the graduate program in the Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences on a "conditional" basis. To be given regular status and to be retained in the graduate program, students must successfully complete a series of courses and clinical practica. Specific criteria for removal from conditional status include:

  1. Attainment of a 3.00 or higher GPA for 12 graduate credit hours of coursework in Speech and Hearing Sciences as an admitted graduate student, and
  2. Attainment of at least a B- in each of two consecutive or concurrent clinical practica (4 credit hours each) in speech-language pathology.

The process for removing a student from conditional status involves a faculty review of the student's academic and clinical progress during the first year of his or her master's degree program. If problems are identified for a given student, a remediation plan may be drawn up. Progress toward remediation will be reviewed by the faculty as a whole.

Students will be advanced to degree candidacy only when they have met the goals outlined in the remediation plan and met all University requirements.