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Clinical Program

Graduate students participate in a dynamic clinical program at PSU. As a graduate student, you will engage in a range of clinical experiences that include specialty clinics during your first year of graduate school and community-based externships during your second year. Every graduate student completes 3-4 terms of PSU Clinics and 2 full time externships in the community. Our clinical faculty guide students through the process of learning evidence based clinical treatment and assessment methodology. 

The PSU specialty clinics include:

Accent Instruction Services

Aphasia Supported Communication Clinic 

Adult Assessment Clinic

Pediatric Assessment Clinic

Bilingual Clinic

Cognitive Rehabilitation Clinic

Dysphagia Clinic

Preschool Speech and Language Clinic

Schoolage Literacy and Language Clinic

Speech Sound Disorders Clinic

Stuttering Clinic

To learn more about some of the externship opportunities available to graduate students, see Community Partners

To learn more about the PSU Speech and Language Clinic, see Clinic