VIL Endorsement

Applications are currently closed. Students who have completed a general or special education licensure program may apply for the VIL endorsement. When selecting an application for the endorsement you can choose between Special Education: Visually Impaired, MS and License or Special Education: Visually Impaired Endorsement. Both options allow you to complete the program of study for an endorsement. The master's option allows eligibility for federal financial aid and you can utilize many of the endorsement credits towards completion of the Special Education master's degree.

Prerequisite: SPED 418/518 Survey of Exceptional Learners (Most applicants with a teaching licensure have taken an introductory course in special education; therefore, this course is not required).  

Students may request that certain classes be waived based on completion of coursework in prior classes. These courses include:

  • SPED 548 Positive Behavior Support in the Classroom
  • SPED 514 Legal and Ethical Foundations
  • SPED 520 Collaboration 

If you have taken a similar course at another post-secondary institution, contact the Special Education department via email at to initiate the course review process. You will need to submit a course substitution form and a copy of the course syllabus/course description. Your course substitution request is reviewed and a decision is rendered within three to four weeks.

The program begins with one three-­week summer session, while the remainder of the program is delivered through web-­based applications and culminates with a student teaching experience in or near the student's local community.

Below is a sample endorsement program of study for student with special education licensure who has had SPED 548, 514, and 520 waived (9 credits):

Year 1
Summer 12 credits
  • SPED 545 Orientation and Mobility/Life Skills (3)*
  • SPED 575 Braille III/Technology for the Visually Impaired (3)*
  • SPED 540 Foundations of Education for the Visually Impaired Learner (3)*
Fall 6 credits
  • SPED 541 Implications of Vision Problems (3)
  • SPED 546 Braille I (3)
Winter 6 credits
  • SPED 509 Practicum (3)
  • SPED 542 Assessment of the Visually Impaired Learner (3)
Spring 5 credits
  • SPED 576 Visually Impaired Learners with Additional Disabilities (3)
  • SPED 547 Braille II­ - Nemeth Code (2)
Year 2
Summer 9 credits
  • SPED 543 Reading and Literacy K­-12: VIL (3)
Fall 6 credits
  • SPED 509 Practicum (3)
  • SPED 544 Methods of Instruction (3)