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Program Philosophy - Inclusive Elementary Educator Program

The PSU Graduate School of Education has eight guiding principles. Three of them are particularly relevant to the Inclusive Elementary Educator Program:

- To create and sustain educational environments that serve all students and address diverse needs

- To encourage and model exemplary programs

- To develop programs to promote social justice, especially for groups that have been historically disenfranchised

These three principles are the foundation upon which the Inclusive Elementary Educator Program rests.

The Inclusive Elementary Educator Program's core mission is the development of exemplary educators. Exemplary teachers are teachers who are effective with all students. The central beliefs of the Inclusive Elementary Educator Program are that: students with disabilities should be educated alongside their nondisabled peers, classroom teachers bear central responsibility for the education of all students in their classrooms; the role of special educators is to provide resources and support for classroom teachers and their students in the classroom as much as possible; general and special educators serve students best when teaming and collaborating; and inclusive education, when properly practiced, leads to the development of exemplary educators, as well as the effective education of all students.

These beliefs rest on a foundation of research-based best practices.