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Prerequisites and Tests (IEEP)

Required Experience

Applicants should gain volunteer or paid experience working with children with and without disabilities in schools and/or other settings (such as the SPED 460/560 practicum). Applicants should obtain letters of recommendation from their supervisors in these experiences and will be asked to reflect on them as part of the application process.

Required Undergraduate Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses are available at PSU. Equivalent courses may be taken at community colleges or other universities. The prerequisites can be met by taking the courses listed below, by showing equivalent course work or experience, or in some cases by passing a test provided by the department that offers the course (e.g., music or math). Please attend a Graduate School of Education general advising session for further information.

Required Prerequisites

  • SPED 418/518 Survey of Exceptional Learners (3 credits)
  • PSY 311 Human Development (4 credits)
  • LIB 428/528 Children's Literature, K-5 (3 credits)
  • MTH 211 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I (4 credits)
  • MTH 212 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics II (4 credits)
  • MTH 213 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics III (4 credits)

Special Education Programs: Prerequisite Course Equivalents

Highly Recommended

  • SPED 460/560 Outdoor Education/Recreation for Persons with Disabilities

This two-week (6 credit) practicum is offered during the summer at the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp. While living at the camp, students form teams to provide an outdoor recreation program for persons with severe disabilities.

Completion of Exams

It is the applicant's responsibility to register for the exam and provide photocopies of test scores to the Department. Study materials for the entrance exams are available at the Portland State University Bookstore and from the testing organizations themselves.

Special Education: Tests

Applicants will also need to pass two additional tests prior to being recommended for licensure:

  1. The ORELA/NES: Elementary Education (Subtests I and II), and
  2. The ORELA/NES: Special Education test