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Parent-Infant Interaction Project (PII Project)

NIDRR Field Initiated Program: Development (CFDA: 84.133G-2)

The Parent-Infant Interaction Project (PII-Project) will develop an evidence-based curriculum for implementation by parents with learning difficulties and their professional or paraprofessional coach within natural environments to enhance parent-infant interaction and child development.

Goals of PII-Project include:

(1) Develop a research-based curriculum, coaching model, and training materials for use by parents with intellectual disabilities and their coach in a collaborative process to enhance the parent-infant relationship and nurture child development.

(2) Conduct single subject studies of the effects of the PII-Project coaching model, curriculum, and training materials, including multiple-baseline design studies across goals and the collection of additional qualitative data.

(3) Field-test and evaluate the coaching model, curriculum and training materials through a multi-method study across three different types of early childhood/parent support programs.

Contact Info:

Leslie J. Munson, PhD,

Parents with learning difficulties website