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Kiwanis Program Student-Counselor Application Process

Before You Apply You should Know…

  • Applications must be completed and accepted before you can register for the class.
  • Acceptance occurs on a 1st come 1st served basis.
  • Students must attend orientation
  • Students spend 2 weeks onsite/at camp with a short weekend break in the middle
  • This course fulfills the capstone requirement and is also offered as an undergrad or grad course.

Application Process/Materials: 

    Course offerings

    Undergraduate courses

    • UNST 321U Learning In Action - 4 credit hours, fulfills the Family and Society, Pop Culture, Leading Social Change, Knowledge, Values, Rationality, and Interpreting the Past Junior Clusters.
    • UNST 421 CAP: Learning about Persons with Disabilities - 6 credit hours (Senior Capstone - Required at PSU for BA degree). Capstone students may enroll in either the spring term (with an In Progress grade until completion of course in the summer) or in the summer term.
    • SPED 460 Outdoor ED/REC for Persons with Disabilities - 6 credit hours (undergraduate)

    Graduate courses

    • SPED 560 Outdoor ED/REC for persons with disabilities - 6 credit hours (graduate)

    Note: Credit may be transferable to other colleges and universities. Contact us for information.

    "I am so grateful for the experience I got at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp this summer. It is by far the most useful and meaningful class I have taken at PSU." -Jeanne Zoppo