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Course Descriptions (EISE)

Coursework necessary to earn an Initial Early Intervention Special Education Endorsement:

SPED 518 (3 credits)
Survey of Exceptional Learners
An overview of characteristics of the disability categories and special education services.
SPED 580 (3 credits)
Introduction to Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
Introduction to EI/ECSE services, collaboration with diverse families, assessment, program planning, transition, adaptations, and inclusion. Covers historical, legal, and social foundations of EI/ECSE.
ED 510 (3 credits) Inclusive Early Childhood Models  Presents different approaches to early childhood education with a focus on inclusion and consultation in typical early childhood settings. 
SPED 583 (3 credits)
Communication and Language Development
Typical and atypical communication and language development birth through early childhood and strategies for intervention with young children.
SPED 584 (3 credits)
Assessment EI/SE
Develops knowledge and skills needed for formative and summative assessment including skills to select assessment tools, use tools appropriately, analyze results and develop IFSP/IEP goals and objectives.
SPED 585 & 586 (3 credits each)
Instructional Strategies I & II
Design of intervention, implementation, data collection and analysis for implementation of goals and objectives, including curriculum modifications, embedded learning opportunities, child-focused strategies and other intervention methods.
SPED 510 (3 credits)
Literacy EI/SE
Knowledge and skills for developing early literacy skills for young children birth-primary grades.
SPED 509 (3 credits)
Supervised Teaching Experiences I & II

Field experiences working with infants and toddlers (0-3) in natural environments such as home settings under the supervision of licensed professionals. Includes weekly seminar

SPED 581 (3 credits)
Family Guided Early Intervention

Develops knowledge and skills necessary for providing early intervention services to infants and toddlers with developmental delays/disabilities and their families.

CI 571 (3 credits)
Play Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

Study of stages of play, theory, and research on play, cultural differences in play, adult role in facilitation of play, and role of play within the preschool and primary classroom.

SPED 596 Topics in Special Education Research (3 credits)  Specialized topics in special education focused on the scientific process and the development of research-based practice. Research regarding theories, interventions, instructional strategies, curriculum, and assessment are examined for reach topic. Sections address topics such as: Literacy, English Langue Learners, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports and Students with Significant Disabilities.
SPED 582 (3 credits)
Specialized Techniques: EI/SE
Information on medical and physical needs commonly found with infants, toddlers and young children with severe disabilities, including children with physical and sensory impairments and children with health care needs.
SPED 597 Topics in Special Education Issues and Practice (3 credits)  Specialized topics in special education focused on issues and practices in the education of students with disabilities. Current practices and issues, evidence-based practices, the use of research and assessment to understand problems, and the implementation of evaluation of interventions are examined for each topic. Topics such as the following are included: Literacy, English Langue Learners, Positive Behavior Intervention Supports and Students with Significant Disabilities. Prerequisite: SPED 596.

SPED 520 (3 credits)
Collaboration I: Families & Community

Family issues, rights, and responsibilities in early childhood special education; Individual Family Service Plans, Individual Education Plans, collaboration and family support, laws, interagency collaboration and community resources.
SPED 507 (1 credit)
Student Teaching Seminar
Required seminar for all students enrolled in student teaching.
SPED 525 (15 credits)
Student Teaching

Field experience providing services to infants, toddlers, and/or preschool children and their families.