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Cascades to Coast GK12 Teacher Partners

The Cascades to Coast GK-12 Program is currently seeking applicants for teacher partners.

Applicant must be a 6-9th grade science teacher with at least five years of science teaching experience and have a strong desire to work with GK-12 fellows to design, implement and assess innovative science curricula. Teacher partners accepted into the Cascades to Coast GK-12 program will receive up to: $4,500 stipend for the academic year, $1,000 for materials and supplies, collaborate with a doctoral student to develop curriculum, and receive support for substitutes and field trip costs.


Desired characteristics of a GK-12 Partner Teacher:
- Minimum 5 years science teaching experience.
- Principal recommendation and support
- Interest in and commitment to inquiry-based and/or research-based teaching.
- Willing to work with GK-12 Fellows.

Expectations for GK12 teacher:
- Two year commitment to the GK-12 Project
- Participate in project evaluation activities.
- Participate in a week-long summer workshop (June 23-27, 2014), Two professional development days (November 7, 2014 & March 6, 2015), two after-school meetings (June 2 & August 21, 2014)
- Participate in the 2014 spring GK-12 student conference (May 21, 2015).
- Collaborate with GK-12 Fellow during the academic year
- Participate in field trips and data collection activities.

Application Due Date: January 24, 2014

GK-12 Teacher applicationGK12_Teacher_app_2014.doc


Patrick Edwards
503 725-8303

Mailing Address:
Portland State University
Environmental Science and Management
Box 751
Portland, OR 97201-0751


Updated 11/4/13