Air Quality Investigations

Middle school students from Vestal K-8 school build passive samplers for air pollution (NOx) and place along a busy road in front of their school and behind the school away from traffic.

Mammal Population Studies

Students at Evergreen Middle School in Hillsboro design structures for tracking and studying small mammals in the field near their school.

Soils and Hydrology

7th grade students at Mt. Tabor Middle School investigate soil structure and infiltration in the Coast Range and compare to bioswales they installed on school grounds.

Water Quality and Bioassessment

Franklin High School students conduct a stream bioassessment at Balch Creek and compare water quality values to Biology in a Bottle experiment.

Gresham High School 9th grade students measure water quality and stream channel characteristics of of an urbanized creek (Johnson Creek) and compare to a natural stream in the Cascades.

last updated 9/14/12