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Join Portland State University's School of the Environment in the Cascades to Coast GK12 project, an innovative doctoral fellowship in environmental sustainability research and education. This National Science Foundation-funded program supports Ph.D. students in PSU's School of the Environment pursuing environmental sustainability research across the fields of environmental science, geology, chemistry, biology and physics. Cascades to Coast Fellows will collaborate with middle schools and high schools in the Portland metropolitan region to develop, enhance and lead environmental science curriculum and field trips. The project's geographic scope spans a diverse array of urban and rural ecosystems, from Oregon's Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Incoming doctoral students will be supported with teaching assistantships for up to two years, including tuition remission and an annual stipend of $15,000.  Advanced doctoral students may receive up to two years of NSF Cascades to Coast Fellowship support, including a $30,000 annual stipend, full tuition remission, and professional development to advance their scientific careers while teaching science in local grade schools. Other benefits include travel funds, research support and equipment.

The National Science Foundation GK12 program provides funding to graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines to acquire additional skills that will broadly prepare them for professional and scientific careers in the 21st century.


Cascades to Coast GK12 Project Overview:

collectingThe Cascades to Coast GK-12 Graduate Program is supported by funding from the National Science Foundation.   The goal of the program is to establish mutually beneficial partnerships between Portland State University's School of the Environment and three Oregon school districts.  The project will establish partnerships between Portland State University's School of the Environment (SOE) and three Oregon school districts toward the goals of enhancing middle, high school and graduate STEM education around the theme of environmental sustainability. The project will support fifty GK-12 doctoral Fellowships for advanced graduate students to work directly with teachers to engage over 1500 sixth through ninth grade students in inquiry and field studies designed to increase understanding of key concepts in the physical and biological sciences and environmental sustainability. The project's geographic breadth, from Oregon's Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, will provide an opportunity to create a learning community across diverse school districts and ecosystems. Project activities include a summer training institute, the development of a required year long graduate seminar "Public Communication, Education and Careers", teacher professional development workshops, and end-of-year student poster conference.   


Program Director:
    Dr. Linda George (Environmental Science and Management)   

    Dr. Cat de Rivera (Environmental Science and Management)
    Dr. Marion Dresner (Environmental Science and Management)
    Dr. Elise Granek (Environmental Science and Management)

Program Coordinator:
   Patrick Edwards (Environmental Science and Management)

updated: 9/18/15


Patrick Edwards

Box 751
Portland, Or