Visiting Faculty


Akiko Hashimoto, Ph.D. - Visiting Scholar from University of Pittsburgh

Curriculum Vitae


Cultural and Power, Global and Comparative Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Cultural Trauma, Memory, and National Identity, War and Peace in Popular Cartoons, Aging, Family, and Policy, Media and Popular Culture, Japanes Culture and Society.


My recent book, The Long Defeat: Cultural Trauma, Memory, and Identity in Japan (Oxford University press, 2015) explores the stakes of war memory in Japan after its catastrophic defeat in World War II. The book shows how and why defeat has become an idelible part of national collective life in Japan, especially in recent decades. Divisive war memories lie at the root of the contentious politics such as Japan's pacifist constitution and remilitarization, and fuel the frictions in East Asia know as Japan's "history problem." The Long Defeat has won the Scholarly Achievement Award of the North Central Sociological Association, and will be published in Japanese language in 2016. Prior to this project, I have also published three books in the area of aging, family, and policy.