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Recent Theses & Dissertation Topics


"Inequality, Position, and Perception: Understanding and Addressing Workplace Harassment in Oregon's Construction Trades," by Sasha Mae Bassett.

"Local Approaches to Regional Problems: Suburban Government Responses to Portland's Regional Housing Crisis," by Emma Deppa.

"Examining Generational and Gender Differences in Parent-Young Adult Child Relationships During Co-residence," by Lauren Ferguson.

"The Use of Anti-Bullying Policies to Protect LGBT Youth: Teacher and Administrator Perspectives on Policy Implementation," by Michelle Holliday. Dissertation.

"Does the School Day Matter? The Association Between Adolescent School Attachment and Involvement and Adult Criminal Behavior," By Madeline O'Neil.

"On Both Sides of the Tracks: Light Rail and Gentrification in Portland, Oregon," by Nathan Eric Rochester.

"Transgender Patients' Experiences of Discrimination at Mental Health Clinics," by Corrine Ann Stocking.



"Staying on Script : Sexual Scripts and Sex Education," by Elizabeth Carol Hauck,

"Activist Doctors : Explaining Physician Activism in the Oregon Movement for Single-Payer Healthcare," by Jennifer Loomis. Dissertation.

"Democratizing the City Through the Colonization of Public Space : A Case Study of Portland Food Not Bombs," by Trent Adam Saari.

"Use of Role and Power in Parent-Teacher Relationships : Perceptions from the Parent Perspective," by Sonja Taylor.

"Therapy and the Nontraditional Transgender Narrative," by Dylan Ellingson Waller.


"Mediating Academic Success: Race, Class, Gender and Community College Persistence," by Schaylee Marie Esparza.

"Trauma-Informed Research and Planning: Understanding Government and Urban Native Community Partnerships to Addressing Substance-Exposed Pregnancies in Portland, OR," by Amanda Mercier.

"Beyond the McNair Program: A comparative study of McNair scholar's understandings of the impacts of program participation on their graduate school experiences," by Cristina Restad.

"Cultivating Common Ground? A Case Study of a Community Garden Organization in Northeast Portland, Oregon," by Bryan Zinschlag.


"First-Generation Latinos at Pacific Northwest University: Their Adjustment and Experience during Freshman Year," by Marco Aguirre.

"We don't have any of those: " Looking for leaders in the horizontal structure of Occupy Portland, by Aaron Bach.

"Queer! Narratives of Gendered Secuality: A Journey in Identity," by Kym Bradley.

"The Effects of Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Religion on Formal End-of-Life Planning," Tina Dawn Lillian Burdsall. Dissertation.

"I'm Not Gonna Be Like That Guy: Exploring the Montana Meth Project Through the Eyes of That Guy," by Jaysen Nicole Ferestad.

"A New Low in Getting High: Illegal Drug Use and Crime," by Erica Ferrelli.

"The Use of Music as a Pedagogical Tool in Higher Education Sociology Courses: Faculty Member Perspectives and Potential Barriers," by Jerry C. L. Loveless.

"Victimization, separation and anti-intellectualism: An empirical analysis of John McWhorter's theory on African American's low academic performance," by Marlon DeWayne Marion.

"Division of Labor within the Household: The Experience of Bosnian Immigrant Women in Portland, Oregon," by Miro Paljevic. 

"From College to Career: Understanding First Generation and Traditional Community College Transfer Students' Major and Career Choices," by Jeff Scott Shelton.

"Learning to Adapt: Onlien Social Science Instruction in Higher Education," by. Patrick Steven Smith.

"The Economic Impact of Veteran Status: The Effect of Veteran and Demographic Statuses on Household Income," by Daniel Standridge.

"Game Over" for the Climate: The Keystone XL Pipeline on TV News," by Elisabeth Wilder.


"Working in an artist collective in Portland Oregon: the artistic benefits of cooperation and place in an underground art world," by Elizabeth Furlong Borders.

"Assessing environmental inequality in Portland, Oregon:  an exploration of local environmental justice struggles," by Jordan Douglas Folks.

"Atheist scripts in a nation of religiosity:  identity politics within the atheist movement," by Jacqueline Frost.

"Toward a richer shade of blue: the impact on Oregon police officer perceptions of racial minorities after anti-racial profiling training," by David Andrew Kline.

"Understanding the role of patient activation in the association between patient socio-economic demographics and patient experience," by Katsuya Oi.

"Gendering Gardasil: framing gender and sexuality in media representations of the HPV vaccine," by Maura Kathleen Pisciotta.

"Understanding sand mining on the Maha Oya: the conflict between economic and environmental survival," by Meredith Corea Talbert.

"Cultural hybridization, glocalization and American soccer supporters: the case of the Timbers Army," by Jesse Harold Wagner.


""An' I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation" : the effects of family type and patriarchy in the home on female adolescent delinquency and mental health," by Stephanie-Kaye Guenther.

"Gendering the body: exploring the construction of the sexually dimorphic body," by Sarah Kaye Lewis. 

" Race, ethnicity, and attitudes toward same-sex unions in the United States," by Claudia Pleşa.

"Erosion and adjustment: Bourdieuian-inspired analysis of imprisonment and release," by Joshua David Seim.

"Black/white health disparities in the U.S. the effect of education over the life-course." by Withers, Elizabeth Melissa.


"Globalization; but under what conditions?: The case of the E.U.," by Michaelangelo Anastasiou.

"Do parents matter?: Parental attachment and its effect on becoming independent," by Cara Joy Copeland.

"The pulpit at the end of the rainbow : how queer clergy enter into and maintain religious occupations," by Brian Gregory Gerow.

"Social support in massively multi-user online role-playing games," by Thomas Anthony Reiling.

"Beyond the "stalled revolution": stay-at-home fathers, gender identity and the division of household labor," by Aundrea Janae Snitker.

"War, Peace, & Prinicipled Action: A Study of Veterans and the Peace Movement," by Laura Wegener.


"Exploring the Impact of Social Networks on the Resistance Tactics of Formerly Incarcerated Women," by Robin Baker. Chaired by Johanna Brenner.

"United We Stand and Divided We Fall: A Study of Neighborhood Efficacy Perception and the Effects on Youth Outlook, Delinquency Rates, and Youth Achievements," by Peter Brink. Chaired by Melissa Thompson.

"The Effects of Participation in Portland State University's McNair Scholars Program on Undergraduates," by Tyanne Conner. Chaired by Peter Collier.

"Students Who Are Moms: How Do They Do It?" by Rhianna Derscheid. Chaired by Martha Balshem.

"Predicting Successful Outcomes for Medicaid Beneficiaries," by Nicole Olson. Chaired by Matthew Carlson.

"Etheogens: The Criminal Sacraments," by Ronald Sandquist. Chaired by Randy Blazak.

"Oppositional Masculinities: A Qualitative Study of Allies Against Rape Culture," by Lauren Stewart. Chaired by Randy Blazak.

"Don't Sit On My Car!! A Look At Women In The Hot Rodding Sub-Culture," by Jocelyn Winona Thomas. Chaired by Randy Blazak.


"A Qualitative Analysis of First Generation and Traditional Transfer Student Adjustment to a Four-Year University," by April Armstrong. Chaired by Peter Collier.

"Do I Really Belong Here? The Effects of Difference in Paths Through Higher Education on Graduate Student Perception on Legitimacy," by Tina Burdsall. Chaired by Peter Collier.

"Incarcerated and Employed: The Privatization of Prison Labor in the State of Oregon," by Justin Dean. Chaired by Johanna Brenner.

"But Will It Stick?” Persistence of Effects of Participation in An Expertise Development Focused Intervention," by Collin Fellows. Chaired by Peter Collier.

"The Power of Context: The Process of Identity Change While Studying Abroad," by Matthew Geraths. Chaired by Peter Collier.

"Academic Attainment: A Product of First Generation Students’ Religious Social Capital," by David Kenneth Johnson. Chaired by Robert Liebman.

"The Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Mental Health Care Utilization," by Stephanie Kirmer. Chaired by Melissa Thompson.

"Women's Movement Organizations: The Dialogue of Decision-Making, Organizational Style and Recruitment," by Michele Mangel. Chaired by Robert Liebman.

"Las Pioneras: New Immigrant Destinations and the Gendered Experiences of Latina Immigrants," by Angie Mejia. Chaired by Jose Padin.

"Experiencing Advocacy: The Effects of Survivor Status on Domestic Violence workers," Stephanie Reinauer. Chaired by Johanna Brenner.

"Who Cares? The Careers of Social Activists on Genocide in Darfur," by Carolyn Zook. Chaired by Robert Liebman.


"Parent perception of inclusive child care for children with emotional and behavioral challenges," by Shane Ama. Chaired by Matthew Carlson.

"Consequences of injury for the uninsured: disparities in trauma care," by Mary Dinsdale. Chaired by Melanie Arthur.

"White power rock and roll," by Colin Gilmore. Chaired by Randy Blazak.

"But is it art? Gender and authority attainment in arts professions," by Molly Griffith. Chaired by Veronica Dujon.

"How I learned I was on the outside looking in: exploring the achievement gap for immigrant and second generation Mexican-American students in a new gateway," by Erin Michaels. Chaired by Jose Padin.

"Sickness for Sale: Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising and the medicalization of life," by Joshua Murray. Chaired by Heather Hartley.

"Mexican-origin multigenerational educational attainment: Degree completion among first generation 1.5 generation, and U.S. born Mexicans," by Sara Rockwell. Chaired by Grant Farr.

"Gender and minority representatins in law enforcement magazines: A content analysis," by Megan Townsend. Chaired by Randy Blazak.


"Expanding responsibilities and shifting demands: An analysis of the effects of migration and employment on immigrant women's negotiating power in the household," by Kerry Greer. Chaired by Professor Veronica Dujon.

"Race, age, context, and police use of force: A case study of San Diego Police Department and San Diego Sheriff's Office, 1996-1997," by Jeffrey K. Chan. Chaired by Professor Randy Blazak.

"The consequences of a high tech medical office: A study examining how access to information technology affects a physician's autonomy, depending on practice setting and managed care", by Jillian Constance Webb. Chaired by Professor Matthew Carlson.

"The global economy and displaced workers' experience: The case of Pendleton Woolen Mills Milwaukie Plant," by Megan Foster. Chaired by Professor Veronica Dujon.

"Exploring the transition experiences of new graduate students at Portland State University," by Heather L. Guevara. Chaired by Professor Peter Collier.


"'Chivalry factor' or 'female evil': An exploratory study of the attitudes and perceptions of law enforcement on female crime and criminality," by Tara Dianne Hockett. Chaired by Professor Blazak.

"Language barriers and health: An examination of the impact of language barriers on adherence to antidepressant treatment for depression," by Linda Fay Johnson. Chaired by Professor Arthur.

"Dual eligibles in the Oregon Health Plan: Barriers to accessing health care and financial outcomes," by Lailah Lee Hamblin. Chaired by Professor Carlson.

"The representativeness of a neighborhood association in a gentrifying neighborhood: A case study of Eliot," by Jonathan Picarsic. Chaired by Professor Sullivan.

"Discussing disability: A survey of advocate experiences with language and stigma associated with disability politics in Oregon, 2003," by Jennifer Marie McKenna. Chaired by Professor Arthur.

"Genderqueer meets the doc: Masculine-identified transgender individuals and health care," by Kelly Scharich. Chaired by Professor Hartley.

"The effects of gender, marriage, and family on illicit drug use: Testing Sampson and Laub's theory of informal social control for gendered implications," by Milena Petrovic. Chaired by Professor Thompson.

"'Alberta Arts District': Boundaries and belonging among long-time residents in a culturally changing neighborhood," by Sammy Shaw. Chair by Professor Sullivan.

"The effects of defendant characteristics on discretionary selection for prosecution under budgetary constraint: A case study of Multnomah County 2003," by Elizabeth Ann Mainwaring. Chaired by Professor Thompson.


"Race as a determinant of perceived disorder and neighborhood trust: Evidence from a racially integrated urban neighborhood," by James Bachmeier. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"Patchwork canopies: The construction of religious meaning in Jewish interfaith families in Portland, Oregon," by Joshua Bass. Chaired by Professor Liebman.

"An exploratory study of the reception of Hispanics into selected Oregon and Washington communities," by Jeremy Michael Tanzer. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"Active participation in environmental social networks and the development and maintenance of environmental identities: A study of participants of environmental social networks in Portland, Oregon," by Borge K. Bringsvord. Chaired by Professor Collier.

"Social capital creation and its occurrence across race, ethnic and class lines: An analysis of a school-based community initiative," by Carolyn Manke. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"Factors contributing to the academic variations between athletes and non athletes," by Boyd Bergeson. Chaired by Professor Grant Farr.

"The intensive management unit of the Oregon state prison system: A quantitative study of the effectiveness of program changes," by Benjamin Daniel Randolph. Chaired by Professor Blazak.


"Discourses of motherhood and welfare: A comparison of activist and non-activist low-income single mothers," by Marcella Catherine Gemelli. Chaired by Professor Brenner.

"Childhood sexualized trauma: Effects of social reaction and context on coping behaviors and identity," by Lisa Deneen. Chaired by Professor Kathy Farr.

"Black women's health: A content analysis of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the American journal of public health, and the New England Journal of Medicine (1989-1998)," by Tonia Marie Burkett. Chaired by Professor Brenner.

"Adaptation strategies of workers in declining natural resource-reliant industries: Columbia River gillnetters," by Britta Jean Kallunki. Chaired by Professor Dujon.

"Ethnicity and health: An exploratory study of Korean Americans in the Portland Metropolitan Area," by Sam S. Kim. Chaired by Professor Lee.

"Racial and ethnic minority representations on A.M. political talk radio shows," by Shelley Ruth Smith. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"An analysis of factors behind low utilization rates of acupuncture services by homeless youth at Outside In," by Kathy Jean Muenzenberg. Chaired by Professor Hartley.

"The effects of subsidized childcare on student parents' access to higher education at Portland State University," by Elizabeth Dawn Creach. Chaired by Professor Brenner.

"Bio-politics of the body and sex: A cultural study of the Human Genome Project," by Nozomi Abe. Chaired by Professor Grant Farr.

"Ethnic retention and assimilation: A case study of French people living in Portland, Oregon," by Claire D. Preaud. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"An analysis of parity: Representation of students in the talented and gifted program in the Salem-Keizer, Oregon school district," by Lisa George. Chaired by Professor Padin.

"Home birth: Factors influencing the decision to return childbearing to the home," by Caren Summers-Nomura. Chaired by Professor Kathy Farr.