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Interests: peer mentoring, the Sociology of Higher Education, program evaluation and service learning. More specific areas of interest are the design, implementation and evaluation of mentoring programs; role transitions within higher education, role mastery and the development of expertise, community-based learning, and assessment.

My most recent publications are (2014) "Reflections on my Pacific Sociological Association Scholarship of Teaching and Learning experiences," The American Sociologist; (2014) "Early career mentoring for translational researchers: Mentee perspectives on challenges and issues," Teaching and Learning in Medicine co-authored with T. Keller, J. Blakeslee, K. Logan, K. McCracken and C. Morris; and (2013) Second edition of Serving and Learning: A Student Workbook for Community-Based Experiences Across the Disciplines co-authored with C. Cress and V. Reitenauer. Currently I am finishing a new book Developing Effective Student Peer Mentoring Programs: A Practitioner's Guide to Program Design, Delivery, Evaluation and Training, to be published by Stylus Press, that will be released in spring 2015.


1) Chairing program evaluation for ReThink Project #93, "Giving Credit Where Credit is Due," a PSU-funded project designed to increase the opportunities for students to earn credit for prior learning as well as to support departments' efforts to design and evaluate CPL materials. 

2) Completing a collaborative project with David Morgan, comparing student mentor and faculty/advisors' perspectives on how a set of previously-identified milestones and adjustment issues that need to be addressed by new freshmen in their first year on campus are organized in regards to relative importance, temporal sequencing, and clustering. 

3) Developing a Mentor learning network for NIH researchers, a collaboration between Oregon Health Sciences University and PSU's Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research to adapt an innovative web-based performance assessment and learning network created by America Learns, LLC, to meet the special needs and circumstances of NIH-sponsored mentored scientist relationships. 

Courses Taught:

SOC/PSY 342:  Social Psychology:  Self, Attitudes and Social Influence

SOC/PSY 343:  Social Psychology:  Social Relationships and Groups

SOC 448/548: Sociology of Education

SOC 450/550: Sociology of Higher Education

SOC 450/450:  Sociology of Higher Education


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