Faculty Achievements

Learn more about your faculty and the achievements they have accomplished. From publications, books, community engagement, funding, prestigious service, career progression to grant submissions. 


Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Ph.D.

Daniel Jaffee, Ph.D.

Maura Kelly, Ph.D.

Bob Liebman, Ph.D.

Amy Lubitow, Ph.D.

Julius McGee, Ph.D

Jose Padin, Ph.D.

Aaron Roussell, Ph.D.

Emily Shafer, Ph.D.

Dara Shifrer, Ph.D.

Alex Stepick, Ph.D.

Melissa Thompson, Ph.D.

Lindsey Winkinson, Ph.D.

Hyeyoung Woo, Ph.D.


Fixed Term Faculty

Tina Burdsall, Ph.D.


Emeritus Faculty

Pete Collier, Ph.D.

Kathy Farr, Ph.D. 


Affiliated Faculty

Matt Carlson, Ph.D. 


Visiting Faculty - Visiting from University of Pittsburgh

Akiko Hashimoto, Ph.D.