Daniel Sullivan


Mailing Address:
Department of Sociology
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

Shipping Address:
Department of Sociology
1721 SW Broadway, #217
Portland, OR 97201

Phone: (503) 725-3954
Fax: (503) 725-3957

Office Location: Cramer Hall 217Q

Email: dsulliva@pdx.edu


Interests: Urban neighborhoods, gentrification, racial and socio-economic segregation/integration, learner-centered approaches to teaching and learning.

Projects: (1) I am examining three Northeast Portland neighborhoods that are racially and socio-economically mixed, looking at residents, businesses, and community organizations. Using survey data and follow-up interviews, I am analyzing informal interactions, participation in neighborhood organizations, and view of neighborhood changes. Specific examples include residents' perceived disorder (e.g., neighborhood crime and "incivilities" like trash in the streets), use of a health-food store, and views of and participation in art festivals and neighborhood associations. Parts of this research have been funded by the National Science Foundation (Sociology), National Science Foundation (Research Experiences for Undergraduates), the American Sociological Association's Fund for the Advancement of the Discipline, and various grants from Portland State University. (2) I am also part of a university-wide group of faculty who are discussing ways of improving our teaching through learner-centered teaching and learning.

Courses Taught:

SOC 397:  Social Research Methods

SOC 398: Sociology Research Project

SOC 420U: Urbanization & Community

Soc 410: Health, Sustainability, and Neighborhoods

SOC 410/510: Portland Neighborhoods

SOC 590: Social Research Strategies

SOC 593:  Quantitative Methods


Curriculum Vita