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BA/BS in Sociology

The Department of Sociology offers a wide range of undergraduate experiences including courses, internships, directed readings, and fieldwork. Faculty teach courses and conduct research across a broad range of topics including: medical sociology, criminology, education, globalization, and minority studies. The Sociology Department emphasizes the application of sociological theories and thinking on problems of the real world. Our department is focused on understanding PSU's diverse cultural, ethnic, gender, and life-experiences in our research and teaching.

BA/BS in Sociology

The sociology major is required to take a minimum of 49 credits in sociology courses (including 20 credits in electives in the field) and the mathematics course in statistical methods.

Requirements for Major: In addition to meeting the general University degree requirements, the major in sociology must meet the following departmental requirements:

SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology 4
SOC 301 Foundations of Sociology I 4
SOC 302 Foundations of Sociology II 4
SOC 310 U.S. Society 4
SOC 320 Globalization 4
SOC 397 Social Research Methods 5
SOC 397L Social Research methods (Required Lab to be taken in conjunction with 397) 0
SOC 398 Social Research Project 4
  Sociology electives
including at least 12 credits
in 400-level courses (please see advisor to see approved 400-level courses)
  Total in Sociology 49

STAT 243


SOC 399

Introduction to Probability and Statistics


SPST: Social Statistics
(note: this class fulfills the STAT 243 requirement for Sociology majors ONLY)

  Total for Major 53

Up to 10 credits taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) in 200- or 300-level elective sociology courses can be applied toward fulfilling departmental major requirements. Differentiated grades of C or above are required for all other sociology courses and for STAT 243 or SOC 399 Social Statistics. We recommend that students take and pass SOC 301 and 302 with a grade of C or better before taking other required courses as a sociology major.