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Faculty Achievements

*Carlson, Matthew

Book Chapters: 

Carlson MJ, Everett. Social Sustainability and the Social Determinants of Health: Understanding the Connection. In: Dujon V, Dillard J, Brennan EM (Eds.), Social Sustainability: A Multilevel Approach to Social Inclusion. New York, NY: Routledge. 2013.

Carlson MJ, Wright BJ, & Lowe RA. The Impact of Oregon Health Plan Cuts on Substance Abuse Treatment. In: McFarland BH, McCarthy D, & Kovas AE (Eds.), Medicaid and Treatment for People with Substance Abuse Problems. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2011.

Research Reports: 

Wright B, Allen H, Carlson MJ. The Healthy Kids Evaluation Survey: Early Results from a Baseline Survey of Program Applicants. Prepared for the Oregon Office of Health Policy and Research, Salem, OR. April, 2011.

Wright B, Holmgren A, Rustvold L, Carlson MJ. OHP Enrollment Study: Final Report. Prepared for the Division of Medical Asstance Programs. Salem, OR. February, 2010.   

Cowburn S, Carlson MJ, Lapidus JA, DeVoe JE. The Association Between Insurance Status and Cervical Cancer Screening in Community Health Centers: Exploring the Potential of Electronic Health Records for Population-Level Surveillance, 2008-2010. Prev Chronic Dis 2013; 10:130034. DOI: In collaboration with OCHIN and OHSU. 

Collier, Peter 


Cress, Christine M., Peter J. Collier, and Vicky L. Reitenauer. (2013). Learning Through Serving: A Student Guidebook for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Across Academic Disciplines and Cultural Communities, 2nd Edition, Sterling. VA: Stylus. 

Teaching and Learning in Medicine. Thomas E., Collier, Peter J., Blakeslee, Jennifer E., Logan, Kay, McCracken, Karen and Cynthia D. Morris. Forthcoming.   

 *Garcia-Alexander, Ginny

Online Interview

Online Interview with - Religion and Selected Health Behaviors among Latinos in Texas

*Jaffee, Daniel


Daniel Jaffee. 2007.  Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability and Survival. University of California Press.

Recent Articles: 

M Jahi Chappell, Hannah Wittman, Christopher M. Bacon, Bruce G. Ferguson, Luis García Barrios, Raúl García Barrios, Daniel Jaffee, Jefferson Lima, V. Ernesto Méndez, Helda Morales, Lorena Soto-Pinto, John Vandermeer, and Ivette Perfecto. 2013. “Food Sovereignty: An Alternative Paradigm for Poverty Reduction and Biodiversity Conservation in Latin America.” F1000Research 2:235 (Doi: 10.12688/f1000research.2-235.v1)

Daniel Jaffee and Soren Newman.  2013.  "A Bottle Half Empty: Bottle Water, Commodification, and Contestation." Organization and Environment 26(3): 318-335.

Daniel Jaffee and Soren Newman.  2013.  "A More Perfect Commodity: Bottled Water, Global Accumulation, and Local Contestation." Rural Sociology  78(1): 1-28.

*Kelly, Maura


Kelly, Maura. 2013. Knitting as a Feminist Project? ScienceDirect  21-NOVE-2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.wsif.2013.10.011

* Stepick, Alex


Stepick, Alex, 2013. Crossing the Water and Keeping the Faith: Haitian Religion on Miami, NYU Press.

* Sullivan, Daniel


Sullivan, Daniel Monroe and James D. Bachmeier. 2012. "The Subtleties of Social Exclusion: Race, Social Class, and the Exclusion of Blacks in a Racially Mixed Neighborhoods." Advances in Applied Sociology, 2(3): 229-236.

Sullivan, Daniel Monroe and Jonathan Picarsic. 2012. "The Subtleties of Social Exclusion: Race, Social Class, and the Exclusion of Blacks in a Racially Mixed Neighborhood." Sociology Mind, 2(2):  153-157.

Sullivan, Daniel Monroe. 2013. "From Food Desert to Food Mirage: Race, Social Class and Food Shopping in a Gentrified Neighborhood." Advances in Applied Sociology.

*Woo, Hyeyoung


Lee, Kyoung Hag and Hyeyoung Woo. "Stressors, Social Support, Religious Practice, and General Well-Being among Korean Adult Immigrants in California." Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work, 2013, 10:421-434.

Woo, Hyeyoung, Youn Jung and Jinyoung Kim. "Parental Death and Offspring Psychological Well-Being in Korea." Korean Journal of Sociology, 2013, 47, 3:91-114.

Kim, Sunghee and Hyeyoung Woo. "Community Services Supporting Family Caregivers for the Elderly: Lessons from Comparison of Community Services Between Korea and the United States." (in Korean) Family and Environment Research, 2013, 51, 3:275-284.

Jung, Youn and Hyeyoung Woo. "Health Care Reforms in Oregon and Implications for Enhancement of National Health Insurance Coverage in Korea." (in Korean) Korean Social Security Studies, 2013, 29, 2:289-309.

Sakamoto, Arthur, ChangHwan Kim, and Hyeyoung Woo. "An Empirical Test of Alternative Theories of Educational Inequality." Educational Research International, 2012, Articles ID 708989, 11 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/708989.