Amy Lubitow

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Department of Sociology
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Department of Sociology
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 Curriculum Vita





Interests: Environmental sociology, sustainability, environmental justice, social movements, gender, environmental health 


a. Critical analyses of urban sustainability; particularly as they relate to bicycle infrastructure;
b. Examining the transit-dependent population in Portland; including the gendered implications of transit dependency.
c. The influence of scientist-activist collaboration in environmental policy realms and the social movement effort to regulate the chemical BPA
d. The influence of pinkwashing on the American breast cancer experience

Courses taught:

SOC 310: US Society

SOC 465 Environmental Sociology

SOC 468: Political Sociology

SOC 588/688: Social Sustainability, Theory and Practice


Amy Lubitow and Thaddeus Miller and Jeff Shelton.  2013.  "Contesting the North Williams Traffic Operations and Safety Project".

2017 Report: "Understanding Spatial Equity in Portland, Oregon" by Amy Lubitow, Dillon Mahmoudi, Emma Deppa, Santiago Mendez, Raquel Nasser Stevens, Nathan Rochester, Kylas Tompkins.

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