Amy Lubitow

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Department of Sociology
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 Curriculum Vita





Interests: Transportation justice, environmental sociology, environmental justice, gender, environmental health, qualitative research methods. 


1. Critical analyses of urban sustainability; particularly as they relate to bicycle infrastructure
2. Examining the transit-dependency in Portland, Oregon and posing questions about how to enhance transportation outcomes for marginalized groups. 
3. The influence of scientist-activist collaboration in environmental policy realms
4. The influence of pinkwashing on the American breast cancer experience

Courses taught:

SOC 301: Classical Theory

SOC 310: US Society

SOC 465 Environmental Sociology

SOC 468: Political Sociology

SOC 565: Graduate Environmental Sociology

SOC 588/688: Social Sustainability, Theory and Practice

SOC 592: Qualitative Research Methods

I also teach courses on the sociology of family and the sociology of horror films.


Amy Lubitow and Thaddeus Miller and Jeff Shelton.  2013.  "Contesting the North Williams Traffic Operations and Safety Project".

2017 Report: "Understanding Spatial Equity in Portland, Oregon" by Amy Lubitow, Dillon Mahmoudi, Emma Deppa, Santiago Mendez, Raquel Nasser Stevens, Nathan Rochester, Kylas Tompkins.

Cully Job Training and Employment Needs 

The Lents Green Ring - 2017 Community-Based Conditions Assessment