Social Sustainability
Social Sustainability is a thriving field of study and practice - especially here at Portland State University!

Recent Conference Presentations:

Coalition for a Livable Future 10th Annual Regional Livability Summit 2012: 

The State of Equity:  Process, Progress & Promise in the Portland-Vancouver Region

On Friday,  October 12, CLF hosted their annual Livability Summit on PSU's campus. We presented a session entitled Partnerships for Health Equity, Inclusion, and Social Sustainability.

Presenters included: Veronica Dujon, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,PSU, Eileen Brennan, School of Social Work, PSU, Noelle Wiggins, Community Capacitation Center, Multnomah County Health Department, and School of Community Health, PSU, and Amber Baker, Village Gardens, Janus Youth Programs 

Partnerships for Health Equity CLF Summit 2012_NW-revised.pptx  Slides

Protecting the Safety Net—Building Strong Communities: Innovations in Community, Organizational and Policy Practice

On Saturday, June 4, 2011 the School of Social Work at Portland State University, along with NASW Oregon Chapter and Social Work Action Alliance,  co-hosted a one-day community-based practice conference on the theme: "Innovations in Community, Organizational and Policy Practice."

Eileen M. Brennan and John Dean Ossowski presented a session titled:
"Using Community Projects to Learn about Sustainability: A Transformative Learning Experience"

Here is the powerpoint for the session.


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