Small Claims

Certain civil claims can be filed in Small Claims Court or Circuit Court. Claims involving $10,000 or less may be filed and litigated in Small Claims Court, although there are significant exceptions. Small Claims Court is often quicker, less expensive, and less complicated than Circuit Court. Attorneys are generally not allowed in Small Claims Court. 

Student Legal Services assists students with Small Claims Court matters. Some common types of assistance on Small Claims Court matters include:

  1. Identifying the legal basis of any claims and the amounts that could be claimed. 
  2. Explaining the Small Claims Court process and how to file a claim or respond to a claim. 
  3. Facilitating settlement of the claim prior to the hearing, including discussion and preparation for  mediation. 
  4. Prior to filing a claim, advice and possible assistance on drafting a demand letter. 
  5. Preparation and discussion of what will occur on the day of the hearing. 

Some typical Small Claims Court matters include:

  1. Lawsuits by creditors or collection agency to collect debts.
  2. Lawsuits by former landlords to collect delinquent rent. 
  3. Lawsuits by former tenants to collect unpaid security deposit. 

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