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PSU Resources

Child Development and Family Services

  • Student Parent Services
  • A.S.P.S.U. Children Center
  • Helen Gordon Child Development Center

Dean of Student Life

The Office of the Dean of Student Life is a resource for all students, faculty, and staff as they navigate Portland State. Our office serves as a reference point for those seeking to resolve issues of concern or advance initiatives designed to enhance the student experience. Additionally, our office provides leadership for designated student life services and programs. We warmly encourage you to the visit the Office of the Dean of Student Life so that we can help you enrich your college experience and achieve your fullest potential.

Disability Resource Center

The mission of the Disability Resource Center (D.R.C.) is to collaborate with and empower students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services and programs that enable access to an education and university life. To accomplish this goal, the D.R.C. provides pre-admission and disability counseling, educational training, advocacy and a variety of accommodations for equal access to the educational process and campus life.

International Student Services

The Office of International Affairs oversees all of the major international activities at P.S.U. We provide support for our international student population, and our international scholars and faculty. We also provide opportunities for P.S.U. students to study abroad. We house centers and institutes focusing on specific geographic centers, and we administer special programs for foreign students visiting the U.S. We work closely with P.S.U.’s international degree program, the International Studies Program, and with the Internationalization Council.

PSU Campus Public Safety

The Campus Public Safety Office, in partnership with the campus community, and within the framework of the university’s mission, is dedicated to creating and promoting a safe, secure and peaceful environment by effectively applying policies and laws, delivering emergency services, performing requests for assistance and providing on-going public safety education. Campus Public Safety Officers are on-duty 365 days a year and provide immediate response to all types of calls for service to include emergent situations and critical incidents. Save their number 503-725-4407 in your cell phone.

Queer Resource Center

The Q.R.C. provides support to Portland State University students identifying along gender and sexuality spectrums as they persist to graduation.

Resource Center for Students with Children

Raising children is a joyful and rewarding experience. It can also be a demanding and challenging job, especially when you’re juggling multiple roles. The Resource Center for Students with Children offers integrated services that support students’ goals to be effective parents while succeeding in their academic pursuits.

Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response

"Portland State University is proud to host ongoing efforts to address sexual misconduct in our campus community. We are continually working to improve our coordinated campus efforts to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual misconduct. We recognize sexual misconduct as a significant concern that affects the health, well-being, and academic success of our students.

Center for Student Health and Counseling

Welcome to the Center for Student Health and Counseling. We are a community-based health care organization that provides high quality, accessible mental health, physical health, and testing services targeted to the needs of the P.S.U. student population.

Veterans Services

Welcome to Portland State University's Veteran Services Web site. You'll find everything you need here to get your G.I. Bill benefits started, keep them going, change them … whatever you may need.

Women's Resource Center

The P.S.U. Women's Resource Center advocates for the best educational and campus experience for all members of our community. We accomplish this by advancing social justice, ensuring access to personal empowerment for all self-identified women, and by working toward a safe and healthy campus.

For a complete list of student services go to Enrollment Management and Student Affairs web page