KPTV: Portland State University student being praised for her good deed
Author: Kelsey Watts, KPTV
Posted: December 8, 2017

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If you found a stranger’s wallet, loaded with cash, what would you do?

A Portland State University student is being praised for her honesty after finding herself in just that situation.

Madison Cato was flying home to Texas to surprise her mother for her 50th birthday when she put her headphones in the seat back pocket in front her and noticed something else was already there.

“I stuck my hand in there, and I noticed a wallet so I pulled it out, kind of dug through it trying to find some ID or something to maybe call the person,” Cato told FOX 12. “[But I] couldn’t find anything so I just put it in my backpack, took it home to my parents and showed them what I found.”

While all of this was going on, the owner of the wallet, Liz Garden, was frantic.

She posted on Facebook that she’d been on the same plane and when she realized she left her wallet on board, she contacted the gate and they searched the plane twice, but it was never found.

She thought she’d never see it again until a package arrived at her house.

It turns out Cato did eventually find Garden’s ID inside the wallet. She mailed it back to Garden with everything inside, along with a hand-written Christmas card.

Garden posted online that she “will never forget her honesty and kindness.”

“It was just kind of like the right thing to do,” Cato said. “It wasn’t my stuff to take.”

A friend of Cato’s set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help her with her college tuition as a way of doing something nice for her in return. Garden is among the donors.