Inter-personal Violence

Student Legal Services can assist typically eligible students with cases involving interpersonal violence (domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking), provided that the opposing party is not a P.S.U. student.  Student Legal Services can only assist in cases where jurisdiction is in Oregon.  When appropriate, Student Legal Services may be able to provide direct representation in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties.

Any information a student provides Student Legal Services is a confidential.  Our office is not obligated to report the information to Portland State University administration or to law enforcement.  An attorney is obligated under the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct to maintain such information in confidence, and generally cannot disclose it without the client’s permission or a court order. 

Student Legal Services can generally advise and/or provide representation on the following types of cases:

Restraining Orders—Student Legal Services can advise on the eligibility requirements to obtain a restraining order, and at times, provide representation for a contested hearing.

Landlord-tenant—Student Legal Services can help a student terminate their leases early as a result of interpersonal violence, help negotiate with landlords to change locks.  We can also help with other landlord tenant matters that may arise as a result of the interpersonal violence.

Discrimination and/or Retaliation—Student Legal Services can help a student if they are being retaliated or discriminated against because of their victimization.  This can include discrimination by a landlord or employer. We can also help in cases where a person is being sexually harassed at their workplace.

Immigration—Student Legal Services immigration attorneys can provide consultations to immigrant victims of interpersonal violence about their immigration options.

If you are a P.S.U. student needing help with any of the above issues please call our office at (503) 725 4556. We make it a priority to get students experiencing emergency situations in to meet with an attorney as soon as possible.

Information for Victims of Domestic Violence