How to make an appointment:

Appointments are made depending on the type of legal issue you have. Please see the table below to determine what your legal issue is and what your next step should be. 


Type of Legal Issue

Next Step


Click the legal issue you need assistance with to the left to complete the pre-appointment form


  • Background Checks
  • Bankruptcy
  • Consumer
  • Criminal
  • Discrimination (Public Accommodation, Housing)
  • Denials for Sick Leave, Family Medical Leave, Crime Victims Leave
  • Interpersonal Violence (Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Stalking)
  • Expungements
  • Employment Discrimination/Retaliation
  • Landlord Tenant 
  • Privacy (HIPAA violations, reference checks, etc.)
  • Restraining Orders
  • Small Claims
  • Traffic issues
  • Unemployment
  • Wage and Hour (non-payment of wages, overtime, last paycheck)
  • Other

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  • Immigration


Call our office at 503-725-4556


Once you fill out the appropriate form for your issue it will be reviewed and you will be contacted within 5 business days.