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Student Legal Services also may be able to assist individuals with expungement of criminal matters in Oregon, depending on an individual's eligibility and the number of charges and/or arrests involved. In cases where Student Legal Services is unable to assist with expungements, the Metropolitan Public Defender's office holds expungement clinics weekly, and we encourage students to avail themselves of that resource.  For more information please contact the Metropolitan Public Defender's office

Multnomah District Attorney's Office: Criminal Record Expunction - Online resource designed to assist individuals with assessment of their expungement eligibility, provides expungement forms, instructions, and a link to the statutes. 

Obtaining a set of fingerprints is an integral part of the expungement process.  P.S.U.'s Campus Public Safety office provides this service to members of the P.S.U. community at a competitive rate by appointment only. Please contact P.S.U.'s Campus Public Safety Office to schedule a time.

If you are an eligible P.S.U. student and have questions about a criminal matter, please fill out our appointment form found on our appointments web page to receive a free consultation.