Consumer Law

Student Legal Services assists P.S.U. students with consumer law matters during our drop-in hours which are posted on our drop-ins web page. Common issues in these areas include:

  1. ID theft
  2. Consumer protection and fraud
  3. Debt collections, including negotiating settlements and stopping harassment
  4. Credit report disputes
  5. New and used automobile sales 
  6. Garnishments

Student Legal Services advises all students to:

  1. Read all contracts very carefully before signing. Feel free to bring a contract in during drop-in hours if you want advice before signing.
  2. Keep all correspondence from debt collectors and anyone else seeking payment.
  3. Thoroughly document all interactions with anyone seeking to collect payment on debts, include dates and times and the name of the person you talked to (if possible).
  4. Be wary of internet scams and generally avoid providing sensitive financial and/or personal information online.
  5. Do not wait to be sued before contacting Student Legal Services or creditors directly regarding debts. If you are sued, take action immediately.
  6. Obtain a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) every year.

Informational handout with some tips on how to protect your credit, your personal information, and your health and possessions through insurance.

We encourage you to access our FAQ web page and Additional Resources web page for more information. 

Student Legal Services can help you with a consumer law& matter during our drop-in hours. Please bring any and all of the following documents with you to drop-ins to help expedite the process:

Debt/Credit Issues:

  • Credit card/bank statements related to the debt
  • All correspondence from collection agencies or the banks/cc companies themselves
  • Any court documents if suit has been filed
  • Credit report


  • Any documents (letters, e-mails, contracts, etc.) related to the transaction