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Case Appropriateness

The following is a non-exclusive list of factors considered when determining whether a case or matter is appropriate for Student Legal Services: 

1.     Whether the case involves P.S.U., P.S.U. faculty or staff, or another P.S.U. student;

2.     The estimated time commitment required by the case or matter;

3.     The ability of parties to represent themselves with minimal assistance;

4.     The complexity of the issues involved;

5.     The experience level of the Student Legal Services attorney regarding the issues involved in the case;

6.     Previous use of Student Legal Services services, particularly for a similar matter;

7.     Community and other resources available to the student;

9.     The likely impact of the issue on the student's academic success;

10.   The urgency of the matter or case;

11.   The potential positive impact for all students beyond the immediate student's own matter;

12.   Resources required to competently represent the student;

13.   The likelihood of resolving the matter while the student is still enrolled at P.S.U.; and

14.   The appropriateness of the matter for Student Legal Services service in the attorneys' professional judgment and discretion.

 Student Legal Services reserves the right to decline representation to any person regardless of eligibility.