Additional Resources - Consumer Law

Credit Reporting:

  • - A one-stop website giving you access to each of the three (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) credit reports to which you are entitled once per year.  Beware of other "free" credit report websites which may ask you for credit card information or require that you subscribe to credit monitoring programs.  The three reporting agencies may offer additional services for a small price, but by law you are entitled to a copy of your credit report directly from them, for free, once every year.

  • Federal Trade Commission, "Your Rights: Credit Reporting" - Provides additional information about how to obtain a free annual credit report (as well as warning information about the "free" credit report websites referred to above), as well as additional information about the fair credit reporting act and identity theft.

General Information:

  • National Do Not Call Registry - To protect yourself from telemarketers, register your phone number on their website or call 888.382.1222. This stops both telemarketing robocalls and telemarketing calls with a live caller.

Student Legal Services' Example Letters:

(Please note that none of the below materials are meant to constitute legal advice.  Students who are confronted with legal problems, or who need specific advice are encouraged to consult with a licensed attorney, and/or contact Student Legal Services.)

ID Theft Letter to Reporting Agencies - Use this letter to notify the credit reporting agencies if your ID has been stolen


Financial Literacy Materials:

Avoiding Credit Repair Scams.pdf

Building Credit.pdf

Creating a Debt Reduction Plan.pdf

Credit Card Act of 2009.pdf

Credit Reports and Scores.pdf

Reading Your Credit Report.pdf

Common Mistakes When Buying a Car.pdf

Evaluating a Used Car.pdf

Identity Theft.pdf

Dealing with ID Theft.pdf

Borrowing Wisely.pdf