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It's Our Place

an active bystander workshop

It's our place to help cultivate a safer community for everyone at PSU by learning the skills to be an active bystander.

This fun and interactive training will allow participants to gain insight into the most challenging, yet crucial aspects of being an active bystaner:

1. Identifying your responsibility to help
2. Determining what barriers might prevent you from acting
3. Establishing a plan for how to safely intervene
4. Contributing to a culture where violence is not accepted as the norm


It's Our Place 2.0 

continued skills - an active bystander workshop

This workshop will focus on ways to intervene in public instances of racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Trans oppression, and other forms of oppressive interpersonal violence and harassment, while considering the safety of all parties.  This workshop is for building confidence for situations where you are intervening.  In addition to group discussions, participants have the opportunity to use role-plays as a tool in practicing intervention techniques.


How to Hook Up 

a consent workshop

A workshop to provide students with the education, skills and the opportunity to understand and practice consent in a supportive space.  This workshop will allow you to understand and practice the why's what's and how's of talking about sex with a partner(s).

 THIS FUN AND INTERACTIVE workshop will allow participants to:

  1. Increase understanding around sexual consent

  2. Increase understanding of boundaries

  3. Situate personal behaviors within how we give and get consent

IPV 101

This interactive workshop provides an overview of all aspects of intimate partner violence. Activities will help students identify the dynamics of an abusive relationship and make connections between macro and micro level influences on violence. Students will explore issues of consent, healthy relationships, and how to help a friend.


This workshop will allow participants to:


  1. Define the fundamentals of intimate partner violence and its impact on survivors

  2. Understand the role technology plays in IPV and how to keep yourself safe

  3. Develop an understanding of how to support someone who is experiencing IPV and how to safety plan

  4. Understand the influence of culture and power dynamics in intimate relationships and the occurrence of sexual violence

Healthy Relationships

Relationships with others play an integral role on individual well-being as well as overall feelings of safety and connectedness to the broader campus community. Interpersonal relationships take a variety of forms from family, friends, classmates, professors, roommates, and coworkers to intimate and romantic partnerships. Engaging in safe and supportive relationships with others contributes to academic success, health, and well-being. This engaging workshop will support students in feeling confident identifying healthy and unhealthy relationship characteristics, understanding personal boundaries, negotiating consent, and navigating challenging conversations.


This workshop will allow participants to:


  1. Identify characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationship patterns

  2. Develop an understanding of your individual needs and desires in a relationship

  3. Develop an understanding of personal boundaries and bottom lines

  4. Develop skills and confidence in having challenging conversations with your partner(s) and negotiating consent

Sports & Society

Sports & Society provides a critical examination of culture, gender, and race in sports culture. This workshop asks participants to explore the relationship between inequality and injustice in sports culture in context of larger societal structural powers, and to identify opportunities for transformation.

This workshop will allow participants to:


  1. Define "sports culture" and identify the relationship between sports culture and social inequality and injustice.

  2. Critically examine privilege, race, and gender in sports culture.

  3. Critique the relationship between politics and sports.

  4. Identify opportunities for intervention and transformation.


Gender Stereotypes

“Are you a boy or a girl?” Harmful gender and sexuality stereotypes impact us all. This interactive and engaging workshop highlights how language and socially constructed gender roles contribute to sexism, toxic masculinity, homophobia, other forms of discrimination, and a culture of violence. Students will develop a shared understanding of the meaning of key terminology and concepts related to gender and sexual orientation that extends beyond the nale/female binary.


This workshop will allow participants to:


  1. Develop an understanding of harmful gender stereotypes and how they contribute to a culture of violence

  2. Develop an understanding of how language influences our perceptions and interpersonal interactions, including sexist and other oppressive language

  3. Develop an understanding of how toxic masculinity influences the occurrence of sexual violence