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DRC Accommodated Testing

Testing Services is a resource for students registered through the Disability Resource Center when faculty is unable to provide appropriate accommodations. For questions about student accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 503-725-4150. For questions about testing procedures, contact Testing Services at 503-725-5301.

Lockers in Testing Services

Approval for Proctoring

  • Complete the Service Request Form online at the beginning of the quarter
    • If you need help updating or entering your information, please contact the DRC at 503-725-4150, or
    • Testing Services cannot schedule you for an appointment time until you have completed your Service Request for the quarter.
  • Meet with your instructor(s) at the beginning of the quarter and discuss the testing process and your accommodations.


Appointments are required and available as space permits. Testing services is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5 and all testing must be completed within this time-frame. Testing must be completed at 5pm.

You must schedule an appointment at least 7 days in advance of your testing date. Appointments for accommodated testing can be scheduled by calling 503-725-5301, emailing Testing Services, or stopping by our office.

Failure to comply with registration policies may mean that you will not be able to take your exam with SHAC Testing Services.

Testing Services does have a limited amount of space, so plan ahead for the quarter. Finals week fills early, so planning, and scheduling, well ahead of time allows students, faculty, and the DRC time to come up with alternatives.

Rescheduling Appointments

If you cannot take the test at the scheduled time (e.g. illness), you will need to:

  • Notify your instructor as early as possible.
  • Contact Testing Services to cancel or reschedule your appointment. You are responsible for rescheduling your appointment.

Test Day

Arrive on time for your appointment.

Be prepared on your test day with:

  • A current photo ID.
  • Permitted testing materials (including calculator or scantron).

Testing Services provides pencils, scratch paper (if allowed), and noise reduction devices. Students are responsible for bringing any other testing materials that may be permitted.

No food, drink, backpacks, purses, hats, cell phones, pagers, watches, electronic bands nor iPods may be taken into the testing room.

Testing Services has free, secure lockers to store all personal items not allowed into the testing room.

You may not leave Testing Services facility during your exam, so make sure your parking is paid up and other non-testing related issues are addressed prior to starting your exam.

Students must abide by Portland State University's Code of Conduct and Testing Service guidelines. Violations will be reported to the University Conduct and Community Standards office, the instructor, and the Disability Resource Center.

Important Reminders

  • Schedule your appointment with Testing Services at least 7 days prior to your desired testing day.

    • Think ahead through the quarter. The space in Testing Services is limited, and Finals Week fills early, so planning ahead allows students, faculty, and the DRC time to come up with alternatives.
    • If you no longer need an appointment you have made, please contact us to cancel.
  • Work cooperatively with the DRC and Testing Services to facilitate testing accommodations.
  • Remind your instructor 5 days prior to your exam that you plan to use your accommodations with Testing Services.
    • Even if you have told your instructor at the start of the quarter, it is good to remind them as the test date approaches.
  • Ensure that your professor sends the exam and proctoring form to Testing Services before you arrive to take your test.

PSU Instructor Responsibilities

Instructors should send the following to Testing Services:

  • The Exam
    • Our preferred method to receive exams is via email.
    • If at all possible, we ask that you get exams to our office at least one business day ahead of the student's appointment time. If the student receives accommodations for an alternative test format we need the exam at least 3 days in advance of their test date.
  • The Proctoring Form.
    • Please fill out the proctoring form completely. We strictly adhere to the information provided by instructors on the proctoring form.
    • We will not test students past the deadline set on the form or allow the use of additional exam materials without direct approval from the instructor.

Consider being available by telephone or email during the exam in case the student requires clarification on any aspects of the test. You can provide the best contact method on the proctoring form. Please work cooperatively with the DRC and Testing Services to facilitate testing accommodations.

More information for faculty about having accommodated students test with us is available on our Faculty Information Page.

Please note: If you teach hybrid or D2L classes and students take the exam online, you can change the time limit and date/time availability (i.e., allowing a student to take a quiz at a different time period than the rest of the class) according to the student's testing accommodations. View instructions for allowing selected users special access to a quiz.

Testing Services Responsibilities