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Career Assessment

SHAC offers counseling and testing services to help students develop their career goals. Psychologists work with students to assess interests, personality characteristics, and work values; then discuss the occupations that are most congruent with those results. Since a psychologist will meet with the student individually, the psychologist will tailor the process to their situation and can explore other factors that influence career planning. Please note that this service is only available to students taking five (5) or more credits.

Career planning resources, including workshops and classes, are also available through Career Services. A battery of career tests is only one tool to use for self analysis and career planning. Although testing will not tell a student the career to choose, it will engage them in a methodical assessment of their interests, personality style, and work values--information that one can then apply to help identify occupations that are most likely to be a good fit.

Career Assessment Process

Step 1: Consultation

If you have not sought counseling services with SHAC before, please come to Walk-In Hours to speak with a counselor about career counseling options. If you have seen or have a SHAC counselor, please contact your counselor at 503.725.2800 to discuss your options.

Step 2: Initial Interview

Meet with a SHAC psychologist to discuss your current career planning situation, educational and occupational background, and other influences on your career planning endeavors. There is no fee for this part of the assessment process. To make an appointment call 503.725.2800.

Step 3: Career Testing

You will receive more information about this and subsequent steps in the initial interview. Testing fees range from $62-108, based on the number of tests instruments used. Career Assessment testing can approximately take 2-4 hours. Tests may include the following:

  • Interest Inventories: These assess the interest level in several occupational groupings and compare the student's interest patterns with those of individuals working in various occupations.
  • Personality Indicators: These identify various personality characteristics as well as the occupational setting and roles that would best suit those characteristics.
  • Values Inventories: This helps the student reflect on the relative value they assign to various aspects of the occupational environment.

Step 4: Interpretation

Meet with the psychologist to review the test results. Steps 4 and 5 may be combined.

Step 5: Individual Planning

The psychologist will help map out a course of action. Since SHAC uses a range of tests, a realistic question is whether they will help the student. The key to getting the most of a battery of tests is to use them as one tool in a process of self-analysis. The tests can abet the student in piecing together information, assessing oneself, and thereby, reaching clarity about themselves.