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PSU Policy on HIV and AIDS


Consistent with it's education Mission, PSU provides university-wide educational and outreach events concerning HIV infection and AIDS. These emphasize the importance of prevention and precautions; that the virus is not casually transmitted; proven modes of transmission; and the need for confidentiality for those infected and compassion for those ill. These programs are designed to reach the broad spectrum of persons within the University community. Some departments on campus that offer classes or further information regarding HIV and AIDS are:


Consistent with its existent non-discrimination policies, PSU will not discriminate on the basis of an individual's HIV status.

HIV Testing

PSU will require no test for or verification of the HIV status of any person for employment, academic admissions, access to PSU programs, facilities, events, services, or for any benefits provided to University employees or students. The Center for Student Health and Counseling and many places through the Portland community offers HIV testing that students have access.


PSU shall, consistent with applicable law, maintain the confidentiality of all University records documenting and information concerning the HIV status or AIDS related conditions of University students and employees to the same degree that confidentiality is afforded to other medical records of University students and employees. The University recognizes that a person's HIV status is a private matter. Therefore, any necessary internal and external issues relating to an employee or students HIV status or AIDS related conditions shall be made in a manner consistent with the confidentiality of such information.

HIV Policy and Procedure Committee

PSU HIV/AIDS Committee, as appointed by the President, will meet on an ongoing and as-needed basis so that the University will remain responsive to the changing nature of the epidemic.

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