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Patient Confidentiality

In accordance with state and federal laws as well as professional ethical guidelines established for health, mental health, and dental professionals SHAC maintains confidential records of all patient contacts. This means that no information about your contact with SHAC will be disclosed to parties outside of SHAC without your written request.  
There are some exceptions to confidentiality however. Medical, mental health, and dental providers may be required to release certain information in any of the following situations: (1) if you indicate an intent to harm yourself or others; (2) if you reveal abuse or neglect of a child, or of an elderly or disabled adult; (3)if a court of law orders disclosure of information about your treatment; (4) if you initiate legal proceedings regarding your mental health treatment, or use mental illness as a defense in a criminal or civil action; (5) if you are diagnosed with a reportable disease as required by the State Health Department; or (6) if you are at risk of operating a motor vehicle. Confidentiality in these cases will be limited to the extent the law allows.