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Exit from Humble Beginnings
Author: Emily Ediger
Posted: January 29, 2013

Like all entrepreneurs, David Nelsen, CEO of Giftango, went through the ups and downs of starting a business by watching the competition, searching for funding and losing team members. But he never lost hope that the company would prevail, in large part due to a strong group of founders. Relying on loyal support, they lifted each other up when their setbacks threatened to bring them down.

Last month, Giftango, a Business Accelerator graduate company, announced its acquisition by InComm, a leader in prepaid products and services. Giftango allows consumers to purchase digital gift cards and redeem them on a website or at a store front. It evolved from the original vision of bringing the ease of digital music purchases to other ecommerce sales. The company will stay and grow in Portland, Ore.

David stresses the importance for entrepreneurs to remain persistent and maintain an optimistic viewpoint. One way to keep that optimism is to be surrounded by people who support your success. David recalls that the Accelerator was a great venue for the company’s early years. Not only did it offer the space to grow, it offered a community of other entrepreneurs who went through the same struggles. On February 22, David will give Accelerator companies an inside scoop on his whirlwind journey in the past two years from graduation to exit.

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