Student Health Insurance Waiver Process

Insurance Waiver Application Process

Students Who Already Have Health Insurance

FALL 2019 WAIVER PERIOD CLOSED: The Fall insurance waiver period is closed. If you missed the deadline AND have never submitted a one-time Missed Waiver Appeal Form, you can do so.  Please read all instructions before submitting.

Portland State University requires any student taking 5 or more credit hours per term (1 credit hour per term for international students) to maintain comprehensive medical insurance coverage. If a student has their own health insurance, including the Oregon Health Plan, they can submit an application to waive the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan.  If the student's waiver application is approved, the Student Health Insurance Premium will be removed from their PSU account within 2-3 business days of approval.  

Students who do not submit a waiver application by the waiver deadline, or who are not eligible for a waiver, will automatically be charged the $890 PSU Student Health Insurance Plan premium ($659 for Summer term only 2020) for any term they are enrolled in 5 or more credit hours.

Students taking 1-4 credits: The University health insurance requirement does not apply to students taking 1-4 credit hours. No further action is required.

Some credits, such as those earned during study abroad, the School of Public Health with OHSU, and some continuing education credits are considered Restricted Differential Tuition credits, meaning they do not count toward the 5 credit hours triggering the Student Health Insurance Plan requirement, or count towards eligibility to use the comprehensive health and wellness services in the Center for Student Health & Counseling. 

Students who paid the Spring term Student Health Insurance Plan premium will automatically be covered (at no additional cost) through September 19, 2020 regardless of graduation or taking no summer classes.

International Students: Students attending PSU on a F1 or J1 visa and take 1 or more credit hours per term will automatically be charged the $890 Student Health Insurance Plan premium each term, ($659 for Summer Only 2020). See criteria below.

Special Circumstances for Waiver of the PSU Health Insurance Plan

Fees for health insurance will appear on your student bill each term and cannot be waived unless allowed by one of the following special circumstances:

  • You are on a J visa and have adequate health insurance purchased before you arrive in the US.
  • Your government or embassy pays for your scholarship and provides you health insurance through  a U.S. health insurance company.
  • You have insurance coverage through your US employer during your practical training period.
  • You have U.S. health insurance through your, your spouse’s, or your parent's employer.

International Student Insurance Plan Waiver Criteria:

  • If you meet the above criteria, then your insurance plan must meet these criteria:
  • No more than a $2,500 deductible 
  • At least 70% in-patient hospitalization coverage
  • Accessibility to receive primary care in Oregon
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage

Waiver Deadlines by Term:

  • Fall Term: 10/13/19
  • Winter Term: 1/19/20 Deadline
  • Spring/Summer Term: 4/12/20 Deadline
  • Summer Only Term: 7/5/20 Deadline

Waiver Criteria:

A student wishing to waive the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan must have a private health insurance plan with the following benefits in order to be approved for a health insurance waiver:

  1. No more than a $2,500 deductible 
  2. At least 70% in-patient hospitalization coverage
  3. Accessibility to receive primary care in Oregon

OHP RECIPIENTS: Students covered by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) meet the University's requirements to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.

If you are not sure if your private insurance plan meets PSU's waiver criteria, contact the Student Insurance Team by calling 503.725.2495, or email

Students WITHOUT Health Insurance

PSU requires all students taking 5 or more credit hours per term to have health insurance that meets the criteria listed above. If you do not have health insurance OR your health insurance does not meet the criteria above, you will be automatically charged and enrolled in the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Go here to learn more about the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Contact the SHAC Insurance Team if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Choosing the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan

Students taking the requisite number of credit hours and choose the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan through PacificSource do not need to take further action (no forms to fill out and nothing to sign).  Students MUST keep their current mailing address and contact information up-to-date in Banweb so the University's student insurance company can send a Medical ID card and other helpful information to the correct student address.

Students who waived the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan in a prior term within the same academic year and want back on the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan can contact the SHAC Insurance Team.

Students Who HAVE Health Insurance

Students with a private health insurance plan that meets the above listed waiver criteria may complete a waiver application before the waiver deadline. Approved waiver applications are valid for one academic year. Students must reapply for a waiver of the Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year.

Click here if you are unsure whether you have private health insurance coverage.


Steps to Completing the Health Insurance Waiver Application

1. Make sure you're eligible for a waiver application and that your private health insurance plan meets the criteria for the waiver.

2. Collect your insurance card, your plan benefits, the number of people on your insurance plan (this is because your plan deductible can be divided by the number of subscribers are on your plan, i.e., if you have a family plan) and know who the primary subscriber (you, parent, spouse or partner) is for your health insurance plan.

3. Download and submit the Domestic Student Waiver Application. Domestic students are U.S. citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents (green card, asylee card, or refugee card holder - someone who is authorized to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis). 

4. Once your waiver application is completed and submitted, you will be automatically notified if your waiver application is approved or denied. The message you receive will contain a transaction number for your waiver application. Print or screen shot your waiver approval or denial notice. You will also receive an email notice of your approval or denial. Keep this email for your records.

5. If your waiver application is approved, the charge on your PSU account will be reversed within 2-3 business days. You are waived for the remainder of the academic year, including summer term. You must reapply for a waiver each academic year, traditionally before fall term.

6. If your waiver application is denied, you may appeal the decision. A denial can occur because of mistyped number mistakes happen often, so don't be dismayed if you need to submit an appeal. 

Missed the Waiver Application Deadline?

Students who fail to complete a waiver application before the waiver deadline may complete and submit an appeal.

Dedicated Student Health Insurance Team

PSU has a dedicated SHAC Insurance Team available to all students. Members of the team help students understand how to use the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan with PacificSource, explain Student Health Insurance Plan benefits, answer questions about medical bills, or provide one-on-one waiver application assistance during each waiver application period.