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Health Promotion

      Health promotion is a vital component of the health care continuum: a proactive approach to health care that stresses prevention using various strategies with the ultimate goal of keeping people well. The focus of health promotion rests in comprehensive community level interventions that are aimed to influence the environment in which people live, work and learn. This work is accomplished through health promotion programs (planned, organized events and activities that empower people over time to make informed decisions regarding their health) and health education (providing a health enhancing learning experience for individuals through workshops, classes, and individual sessions). In addition, by advocating for policy change/development and organizational support, Health Promoters are key players in assisting communities along the path of optimal wellness.

    You can be a part of Health Promotion at PSU by visiting a Red Cross blood drive, reading the campus smoking policy and Student Health 101, getting water from one of the hydration stations, participating in the annual Healthy U Wellness Challenge and more!